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  1. Well, it's magically started working again now, so until it stops again I guess this issue is closed!
  2. hclouston

    Chart FX IE 3.5

    Hi, I'm posting this in here because 3.5 is obviously a very old version and there is no forum for it! We use 3.5 for a graph on the front page of our website (www.bellpotter.com.au) and until now it has been working just fine, so no need to upgrade. However in the last week the chart has been flatlining (see what i mean from the website link above) The data being loaded in is fine and the format it's being produced in is the same as always. My question is, has anyone else had similar problems where this has occurred? Where the chart has just stopped generating properly? Any help would be appreciated as at this stage we would rather get 3.5 working rather than upgrade to a newer version as we have very basic charting requirements and at the moment they are being met (well if it worked they would be!). Thanks in advance.
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