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  1. I am currently evaluating Software FX gauges and though I found them really attractive, I am facing an issue I do not manage to solve. I have been trying to create an inner gauge for a long without managing to do what I want. I've built a radial gauge dynamically, set its properties, values, ect. Now I would like to add a DigitalPanel (as many examples on SoftwareFX show) in the bottom of the radialGauge. I've tried to create a DigitalPanel manually and to user Mygauge.InnerGauges.Add(myDigitalPanel) but this cannot work since the object needed is an innerBaseGauge. So I tried to create an InnerDigitalPanel object. This worked but this object's properties do not allow me to do what I want regarding design and positionning. Could you please help me a bit and tell me how it is possible to add an innerDigitalPanel inside a radialGauge by code ? Thanks a lot.
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