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  1. I wanted to follow up and see if you are still trying to resolve this question. I have been trying many different work arounds but have not come across a resolution yet. What is occuring is the items are going outside of the boundry of the chart so I'm trying to manually set the word wrapping on the point labels. I've even tried to use the legend and use escape characers and html in the strings that are used but they render with the characters and not the break that is desired (X\n50% or x<br/>50%). An exmple of the issue would be: Field Value X 50% Currently shows: X: 50% I'd like the data point label to show: X 50% Any information or suggestions would help. Thanks! ChartFX70Cursor.zip
  2. Is there a way to make custom lables on a chart? Currently I have the text field followed by a percentage (EX: Other: 21.21%) which are pulled from my data set. Can I do an expression for a label so I can put a break and put the text and percentage on separate lines? Thank you
  3. Is there a way to increase the diameter of a pie chart with out increasing the size of the actual chart control? I have limited space on a report and cannot increase the size of the control/box that contains the pie chart but the chart is too small for what is needed. Thank you.
  4. I have a tables that needs to include X amount of rows regardless if the value is 0 or not. I need to find a way to leave values that are 0 off of the pie chart and only chart value that are greater than 0. As I see it, my only option is to create another Stored Procedure and Data Set similar to the one that is currently used for the table but leave out the 0 value rows. I would prefer not to do this since this would mean more code to maintain when there are future changes. Is there a way to use the data set that feeds the table and has rows that contain the 0 value or will I need to do the alternative of recreating the SP and DS's but leave out the 0 value rows. Thanks!
  5. Is there a way to get a percentage to display decimal points on a pie chart? I'm looking for #.##% to display and I have been unable to find a resolution at this time. Thanks.
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