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  1. First I want to say I love your software! I'm quite new to PowerShell (as most of us) but I would like to have piped the results of Alerts on my system to PowerGadget. I would like to have different colors (red for error, yellow for warning and green for information) for each column and have each column (Error, Warning, Information) in the legenda. This is the result of the PowerShell command which I want to pipe to PowerGadget. PS Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client\OperationsManagerMonitoring::> get-alert | group-object severity | sort-object count -descending | select Count, Name Count Name ----- ---- 20 Error 6 Warning 2 Information If I pipe this to the out-chart Cmdlet from PowerGadget I don't get the result I want. Everything is in the same color and the count is in the legenda. I tried to change this by adding this: out-chart -Title "Alerts" -LegendBox_CustomItems_0_Text "Error"-LegendBox_CustomItems_0_Color Red But there must be a better way. Can you please help? Regards, Stefan Stranger http://weblog.stranger.nl
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