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  1. Just wanted to make you aware of a couple of bugs in trial version:

    1.  If for tickmarks, in vertical gauge, you choose percentage, you just get lines out to the left.

    2.  For custom tickmarks on vertical gauge:

      a.  If you don't have a value for 0, you will get an exception and corrupted file for saving

      b.  If you have a min/max of .8 to 1 and try giving a .95 label (other labels were 0,.8,.9, and 1) you still get the .95 not the label

    3.  For tooltips - in both radial gauge and vertical gauge, the tooltips don't work with custom text - you get the default text.

    4.  Also in tooltips, don't see any obvious way to show the value in another format other than just a number (aka, percentage, currency, number of decimals, etc)





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