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  1. Hey Juan, Thank you very much for replying to my post. Did you get this to work through the PowerGadgets creator or through the Powershell invoke-sql script? I assumed since you didn't include user name and password in the connection string that it was from the creator. I tried that (using the creator to add user name and password) and it got close but gave me an indexing problem. If you were using powershell script, then I am just assuming you added a user name and password argument or no? I tried through shell script and got a permissions error, making me presume that I needed to duplicate those arguments in the password string as well, despite the fact they live in the machine DSN configuration. I guess my main question is did this work for you in Creator or shell script, or both? Then I know where to start debugging from. Thank you very much for your help! Regards, David
  2. Hi Marco, Thank you for responding to my post. I'm looking for MySQL on Windows. I'm not suprised the OLEDB wouldn't work--MySQL dropped it a long time ago. I was a bit suprised that the relatively new ODBC Connector (.13 release) would not work with the PowerGadgets invoke-sql, especially since you all just added a generic ODBC connection option (at least into the PowerGadgets Creator). I did not find your article in my search (thanks for sending it); it looks pretty straight-forward, so I'll give it a whirl (still has the look of an ASP.NET 1.1 vs. 2.0 doc) and I'll post the code/procedure if it works. Lot's of MySQL zealots out there that still love Microsoft products. The article offered a fix off the ODBC and the ADO connector. Which has the best chance as a jumping off point for successfully working with PowerGadgets? I'll try both, if need be. Finally, just an FYI. If you are using the PowerGadgets Creator GUI to create a map and attempt to change the colors or thresholds of the conditional values series, the designer will let you do it once and save it. The .pgf will run repeatedly, but if you attempt to modify those or any settings subsequently you will get an "index of gadget out of limits error" and the Creator will just shut off. (I can get you a screen capture if you want). It's not a critical issue for me and probably not for most, because almost all maps require drill-down and, as I understand it, you can't do drilldown using the Creator. Thanks again! David
  3. I love my PowerGadgets, but I have a lot of MySQL database applications. Has anyone successfully gotten a connection string for the MySQL 3.51 ODBC connection to work with the PowerGadgets "ODBC" database invoke-sql provider? If I use the correct MySQL connection string, I get a "missing provider error" from PowerGadgets. Is there another MySQL connector that PowerGadgets will work with. I would appreciate any help you might provide. Best, David
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