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  1. Hi all, I am a project manager for a software company developing CRM solutions for the financial industry. We are currently working on a new, web-based version. Our product will have a dashboard section with a Reporting Server at the backend. I'm doing research to establish whether we need a 3rd party charting component, such as Chart FX, or the built-in charting engine of SQL Reporting Services will do. I saw and very much liked the Chart FX gallery but I don't have any charts prepared with Reporitng Services (we don't have a Reporting Server set up yet). I also reviewed the SQL/Chart FX feature comparison table which was quite helpful. However, I need a more visual comparison. So, my question is: Can someone please send or give me a link where I can see how a Reporting Services chart looks like in order to compare it to the Chart FX charts. If we're to buy Chart FX, I want to make sure that it's really a must-have for us and not just bells and whistles:)) My email is josif@netagesolutions.com Thanks in advance, Josif
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