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  1. I know this has been asked before but since 2007 there does not appear to be another answer. I have just convinced my client to purchase this control because they needed to produce charts with 2 Y axis. Their reports are view both on their intranet and exported to pdf. It appears that there is no way to have both of these formats so that they are readable. I understand (from the 2007 post) that there is a limitation with user controls for RS but can anyone offer an explanation on how I can achieve something of reasonable quality for both. These reports are viewed internally by my client and then sent as pdf to their client. Both clients need to be able to read the reports and at this stage the quality is so poor that I am inclined to use this control on if I absolutely have to. I can continue to play with dpi and font settings until I find something that get close but perhaps someone can suggest a better solution. Could I perhaps change the dpi between display in browser and send to pdf. I am not very experienced with RS so some assistance would be appreciated
  2. I am using the TextProvider Dataprovider to bind the Chart to a csv text file. The file contains a header line of field names. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> as follows: Index,TimeStamp,SIDKWATTS_VAL0,SIDVOLTS_VAL0,G01IACFEEDBACK_VAL0,G01IALKWATTS_VAL0,G01IEEXHL1_VAL0 1,18/06/07 00:00:00,820,420.888346239237,0,274,540 2,18/06/07 00:00:01,820,420.888346239237,0,274,540 3,18/06/07 00:00:02,820,420.888346239237,0,274,540 I need to be able to display only a couple of the fields on the chart at any one time. The problem I am having is that one of the fields seems to display even though I have set Dim txtad As New DataProviders.TextProvider(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & "\tmpGraphData.csv") 'Me.txtDestinationFolder.Text & "\" & strFile)txtad.Separators = ","txtad.DateFormat = "dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss"strFields = GetLocationTags(mLngLocationID) 'load possible fields into string array strfields With FChart.Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Clear() .DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(New FieldMap("TimeStamp", FieldUsage.XValue)) Dim fm As FieldMapFor i = 0 To UBound(strFields)fm = New FieldMap(strFields(i).ToString, FieldUsage.Value) fm.DisplayName = strFields(i).ToString .DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(fm) Next i .DataSourceSettings.DataSource = txtad Dim strVisibleFields() As String = GetLocationGraphFields(mLngLocationID, mLngGraphID) 'load display fields into string arrayFor i = 1 To .Series.Count - 1 .Series(i).Visible = FalseFor j = 0 To UBound(strVisibleFields) If .Series(i).Text = strVisibleFields(j) Then.Series(i).Visible = True End If Next NextEnd With Even though I set the series visible property to false one of them still displays. It also seems to be displaying the data from the wrong fields of the text file. I appreciate that my explanation is probably unclear but i hope that from the code sample you can explain what I am doing wrong. I an sure there must be better way to reference the fields in the text file to explicitly ensure that the series names in the chart match the column names in the text file. Any assitance you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Clint
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