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  1. Has anyone figured out how to insert a line break or make chart titles multiline? We have tried "/n", "\n", "/r/n", \r\n" and none worked. Hoping there is a workaround. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Has anyone figured out how to force a line break in a title? We have tried /n, \n, \r\n, \r\n and none seem to work in a chart title. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Love some of the features I am seeing in the WPF blog.... - Sparklines - Paned charts - Automated All Other calcs - etc. Any chance some of those features will migrate into a WinForms version anytime soon?
  4. We have a user that is feeding use date information that weare using on the x-axis. They, however,have requested that we replace the dates with labels that they useinternally. So where we have monthlydates, they use P1, P2
  5. We are in a similar position where we have many users that have commented on the text not wrapping, font size not adjusting, etc. Text Wrapping would be the preferred path. We currently have no solution in the pipeline for this issue. Would appreciate any idea/workarounds.
  6. Some items that we would like to get on your list for upcoming versions... 1.Wrapping Title Text 2. Exploding Pie Chart (Left Side Pie chart) Right Side Pie or stacked Column that details one of the pie slices on the left 2. Funnel Charts 3. Export "Live" Excel and PowerPoint charts (Not Just Static Images) 4. Y-Axis Scale that Automatically resizes to make sure that labels above bars do not go outside the plot area. 5. Copy and paste from the data table 6. Scale Breaks Thanks.
  7. We have clients requesting the ability to save output directly to PDFs. While we could direct the output to other 3rd party tools, it would be much simpler if we had the ability to export directly to a PDF format. Thanks.
  8. Should I be opening a support ticket on this issue or is the forum the right way to go? Thanks again for the help.
  9. Have you had an opportunity to look into this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I saw this response in the "extensions" forum. Is it related? Adding the .clear did not fix the issue for us, so I am wondering if it is something in the code snipets we sent that we are doing wrong. thanks for the help! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There'sseems to be a problem importing a financial or statistical chart to achart that has one of these extensions already added. Please call theClear() method of the Extensions object before calling the Import()method. You can do as follows: chart1.Extensions.Clear(); chart1.Import(FileFormat.Binary, "D:\\Temp\\StatisticalExport.bin");
  11. I think the issue appears when you import the XML settings into a chart that already has a statistical extension turned on. It looks like you imported to a completely new chart. Below are the code snippets we are using... Public Sub SaveLayout(ByRef PropertyBag As String, ByVal View As Integer) Implements Framework.Reporting.IDisplayObject.SaveLayout Dim DisplayPropertyBag As Utilities.XMLSettings Dim Settings As String 'Lets initialize the property bag DisplayPropertyBag = New Utilities.XMLSettings("Display", PropertyBag) Settings = Me.GetUserSettings DisplayPropertyBag.WriteSettings("ChartLayout", Me.Name & "-(" & View.ToString & ")", Settings, GetType(System.String)) PropertyBag = DisplayPropertyBag.XML End Sub Public Function GetUserSettings() As String Dim MS As System.IO.MemoryStream Dim MSR As System.IO.StreamReader Try MS = New System.IO.MemoryStream Me.FileContents = ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.All Me.FileContents = ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.General Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.Fonts Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.Scale Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.ColorsAndStyles Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.SeriesAttributes Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.PerPointAttributes Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.DockableBars Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.Extensions Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.Pictures Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.AxisSections Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.CustomGridlines Or ChartFX.WinForms.FileContents.ReuseExtensions Me.Export(FileFormat.Xml, MS) MSR = New System.IO.StreamReader(MS) MS.Position = 0 Return MSR.ReadToEnd Catch ex As System.Exception Return "" End Try End Function Public Sub SetUserSettings(ByVal Settings As String) Dim MS As System.IO.MemoryStream Dim MSW As System.IO.StreamWriter MS = New System.IO.MemoryStream MSW = New System.IO.StreamWriter(MS) MSW.Write(Settings) MSW.Flush() MS.Position = 0 Dim MSR As System.IO.StreamReader MSR = New System.IO.StreamReader(MS) MS.Position = 0 Me.Import(FileFormat.Xml, MS) Me.RecalculateScale() End Sub Public Sub ApplySavedChartLayout(ByVal PropertyBag As String, ByVal View As Integer) Implements Framework.Reporting.IDisplayObject.ApplySavedChartLayout Dim DisplayPropertyBag As Utilities.XMLSettings Dim Settings As String 'Lets initialize the property bag DisplayPropertyBag = New Utilities.XMLSettings("Display", PropertyBag) Settings = DisplayPropertyBag.GetSettings("ChartLayout", Me.Name & "-(" & View.ToString & ")", "", GetType(System.String)) If Settings <> "" Then Me.SetUserSettings(Settings) End Sub
  12. Did you have any details on release dates or what features/functionality we can expect in your next release? Thanks in advance.
  13. Looking for the next version of ChartFx WinForms. Our clients are always looking for new functions and features... Broken axis "scale breaks" (to represent extremes in numbers) Export to Microsft Apps (PPT, XLS, DOC) as live objects Multiple panes both vertical and horizontal Copy and Paste from the data grid Interactively hide data points (not just series) New chart types (funnels, exploding a pie slice into a column chart etc.) Expansion of statistics extension Additional OLAP like functionality in the base Chart object (not requiring the extension) It has been two plus years since we have seen a release with new core functionality (Silverlight aside) so we are eager to see the next round of enhancements that you have in the pipeline. There are many times where you introduce a features that we have not even thought of that would be beneficial. I had heard earlier that a release was going to be timed with VS 2008...is that still the case?
  14. Any news about or dates on which we can expect new releases?
  15. Let me know if this question needs to be reworded to help clarify. Thanks.
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