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  1. I copied that DLL over from a working server and registered it. Reset IIS, cleared browser cache, and it is working now. Thanks very much for the prompt reply.
  2. Sorry for the incomplete information. This is a Windows 2000 server using IIS, the test is an asp page.
  3. I manage several servers that use ChartFX 5.5. One of the development servers cannot render a chart as an SVG for some reason. We use the following code for a test: <% Set Chart1 = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer") %><%= Chart1.GetHtmlTag(400,200,"SVG") %> On most servers, it works properly and creates a simple SVG. On the one problem server, it creates a JPG. Can anyone list possible causes for this problem? I'm not seeing anything useful in any log.
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