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  1. And for completness. double xValue = chart.AxisX.PixelToValue(e.X); DateTime dt = DateTime.FromOADate(xValue);
  2. Greetings, I have a line chart that has a stack of values plotted where the Y axis uses numeric values and the X axis is time ... I want my users to click anywhere on the graph and get the X axis value .. i.e. 10:45am ... I intend to use this value to comment on parts of my graph. By using the "MouseClick" event I can get the "value" property which is the opposite of what I want as it returns the Y axis value I want the X axis value . The dream being a user clicks on the graph .. and I pop up a dialog box for them to enter some text and I have the X value from the mouse click. How can I get my X axis value (and not the x and y pixel values which are useless) cheers.
  3. Thank you so much Andre ... your sample was gold to me .. saved me hours of drilling through blogs trying to piece all the relevant info together. Think I'll go have a long lunch now that this tool will get finished on time ;-) Cheers Bob.
  4. Has any-one tried to put a Pie chart and a Bar chart on the same page and by clicking on a segment triggered the barchart to update in an asp.net update Panel. The Pie chart generates a client side image map that you can specify the URL for each point. It sounds like the kind of thing using these charts and Ajax should be able to do. Could I make each point.link.Url a call a javascript function with a paramter or 2 and 'trigger' the update panel that way? Any pointers hints tips crazy ideas how this might be possible ? Cheers Bob.
  5. Ignore my post .. I misread the answer ... re global context .. works now. cheers.
  6. Still no joy .. when I look at the HTML generated (imagemap) I have URL's all looking like this : <area shape="poly" coords="189,190,189,194,260,194,260,190" href="http://localhost/OFSLive/User/MachineRate.aspx?Point=0&Series=0" *snip*<area shape="poly" coords="185,173,189,173,191,192,187,192" href="http://localhost/OFSLive/User/MachineRate.aspx?Point=0&Series=0" *snip*<area shape="poly" coords="182,125,150,175,190,185,225,165" href="http://localhost/OFSLive/User/MachineRate.aspx?Point=0&Series=0" *snip* ... etc ... I am expecting to see numbers other than zero in the point value. In the documentation it mentions a setting: Chart1.ImageSettings.EmbeddedMap = true; however I cannot find this setting it doesnt seem to exist .. I tried adding the namespace ChartFX.WebForms.ImageSettings but I cant find it either, the documentation doesnt say whether there is a resource that contains it. I have tried switching the interactive property in the designer on .. but this has made no change. I'm just shooting in the dark really. What could I be doing wrong? .. its a straight PIE chart with 1 series and 6 - 10 slices Are there any code snippet examples of this to look at ? My webforms version is 7.0.2893.24916
  7. Hi, I want to use the chart.series.link.url with a pie chart. I see that I have to create my URL as a string as such string myUrl = http://myUrl.aspx?Point=%N&Series=%S; but how do I populate the point %N .. does this automatically populate or do I have to set a property or do I have to do some other magic. right now it gets populated as 0 Any example appreciated regards Bob
  8. Hi, Has any-one found a way to resize a chart when the browser window changes size. Or perhaps even knowing what the window size is before the chart is drawn so I could set its width. Or perhaps even knowing after the page is drawn and updating the chart.width in an AJAX panel I want to avoid having a chart of fixed size catering to those with tiny screens at the expense of those with larger and widscreens. I'm using asp.net and ajax but am having some chicken before the egg issues. Any starting points appreciated or being told its just not technically possible. Cheers Bob.
  9. Thanks .. I am using forms authentication and needed to set the machine keys between the PSS and Application as described in the KB article you posted. Solved.
  10. Hi, I've recently upgraded my dev environment to use visual studio 2008. I develop both C# managed apps and web apps. I bought chartFX and ChartFX webapps late last year and although the winapps works perfectly I am having trouble with the web apps now. My production server works fine .. but on my development box I can no longer test my charts working .. I can drag and drop them in the IDE set all the properties as usual but when I try to debug or "view in browser" I only see the broken image icon. I have re-installed a few times trying both "developer" and "QA & Testing" install options but no joy. I am running the latest update on the support site I have done a test deploy and the charts do display there. I have brought back some other working web apps but I cannot see or use them in the IDE. Any ideas what is happening or how to resolve this? Cheers Bob
  11. Hi I've been chasing this memory leak for some time now .. and at last I think I have it and can reproduce it in a little test app. I purchased a memory profiler and saw a lot of references to the gauges. If I have a marker as well as a needle on the gauge the memory just keeps climbing until eventually my app dies. I have downloaded the latest update and created a completely new application from scratch ensuring that the references where the latest. this is my code snippet to replicate. private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e){count++;label1.Text = "count = " + count.ToString();radialGauge1.MainIndicator.Value = count;radialGauge1.MainScale.Indicators[1].Value = (count * 1.5); } it sits in a visual studio 2005 windows form, I drop in a timer, on XP SP2 .net 2.0 framework yada yadaI have a copy of my real application which uses the radial gauges deployed on 8 machines which all exhibit the same beaviour. My short term fix is to set the scale to itself i.e. radialGauge1.MainScale.Max = radialGauge1.MainScale.Max; this seems to clean up the memory. Hope this is helpful.
  12. Hi, Recently upgraded my license to include the ChartFX webforms as well as winforms ... I have an app that uses winforms that I am making an approximate of using web forms. I can build my website and test it on my development box all is fine .. but when I move the files over to the webserver charts come back with "Invalid license 3100000" Development box - XP Http server is IIS6.0 on 2003 server ASP.NET 2.0.50727 is configured for the website What steps do I have to take to set up my webserver to accept my webApp ? Cheers
  13. Hi, I am getting the above error .. "Invalid ChartFX License 3100000" I have installed the latest service pack .. but still the error remains. Any tips ?? cheers Bob. Class1.zip
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