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  1. ChartFx with Java8 Server

    We haven't tested Chart FX for Java 6.2 or Chart FX for Java 6.5 with Java version 8. It might work, but it has not been tested. We will recommend you to upgrade to Chart FX for Java 8.
  2. Any Support For Java Server Faces

    Please read the following kb article about the JSF tag library documentation in Chart FX for Java 6.5 http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_for_Java_65/javaServerFaces
  3. OutOfMemory when drawing Pie chart...

    We need more information to reproduce this issue. What version of Chart FX are you currently using? Is this a Web Forms or Win forms app? Having a repro-case is the most effective and fastest way to identify the cause of an issue . If you need to report an unexpected behavior, please include a small sample application or snippet and make sure it fulfills the following conditions: - The code must be narrowed down to the simplest reproducible test case. - External references and code not related to Chart FX must be removed. - It has to include only the lines reproducing the issue. Other code not related to the problem must be removed. - The sample must compile. This means we should be able to run the sample without getting any errors.
  4. Stop subscription expiration notice?

    Please contact our sales department (sales at softwarefx.com) to get more inputs about expired subscriptions.
  5. ChartFX not show

    We are sorry for the inconveniences. If this issue appeared after installing/reinstalling the product, please read this kb article on howto troubleshoot server installation issues: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/article/2501002#!7621036 To discard active client issues, please make sure to set the chart rendering method as an image. If you are using PSS, please read the following kb articles on how to troubleshoot PSS issues: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/article/2501002#!7622021 http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/article/2501002#!7621013 If none of the above helped to fix the issue, then we are going to need a repro case: a simple web page rendering a single chart (do not pass any data to the chart) and also please send us the full rendered html of the problematic page. Let us know about your findings.
  6. Error sorting GridFX

    Hi co_lcruz, We have submitted this issue to our development team for analysis. This issue is going to be attended according to the severity of the problem and the priority assigned by our development team. In the case of this being a bug, the timeframe for bug resolutions may vary depending on the severity of the bug and once a fix is released, it is usually made available as part of the next service pack, so feel free to check later Service Packs for the possibility of a fix. Thanks for reporting.
  7. Is anybody there?

    Your incident is being handled from our support team who will provide you with the next steps to troublehoot this issue.
  8. Is anybody there?

    Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delays in replying you back. Your support incident has been assigned to a senior support engineer and will have a high priority. A repro case will be requested to reproduce your behavior. You can rest assured we will help you to overcome this issue ASAP. Thank you for your patience and feedback, is very valuable to us.
  9. Unhappy with support

    I am really sorry for the delay you have experienced. I am sure it is frustrating. Software FX Support's email software experienced a glitch that caused to lose track of a few of emails until recently. The email backlog still exists so we have been able to work out most of the requests. Happily, we were able to able to track yours and started to troubleshoot your issues. If you have immediate needs, please contact Software FX Tech Support by telephone, and we will do our best to help you overcome your issues in a timely manner.
  10. Number grid records

    For an easy way to know current items in a grid: int GridItemsCount; GridItemsCount = Grid1.Items.Count; Make sure to check for this value after the Grid is loaded with data.
  11. Yes, it is supported, but you need to inspect Grid2 Inserting event handler instead of Grid1 Inserting event handler (I am assuming Grid1 is the parent grid and Grid2 is the child grid). To insert the event handler for Grid2 inserting event, add the event handler into the grid markup tag: <GridFX:Grid ID="Grid2" runat="server" DataParameterField="property_id" DataSourceID="AccessDataSource2" OnItemInserting="Grid2_ItemInserting" Width="100%"> Or, you can Edit Sidebar Template at design time: Select the child grid, go to the property window and add a new event handler for the ItemInserting. Let me know if this helps.
  12. Tying Datasource to Grid Issue

    Can you send us the code behind and your web page Markup? It can help us reproduce your issue. I'll look forward for your answer.
  13. Group Title

    The Hotfix addressing this issue has been released. Remember to remove Grid FX dll's in order to get the latest ones. Let me know how it goes.
  14. Manually Deleting a record

    I think you are close to get it done. Following is a code sample that will help you. In this case we are passing the item key value to a Business Object class that you can easily use to call your stored procedure. protected void Grid1_ItemDeleting (object sender,GridFX.WebForms.GridItemDeletingEventArgs e) { e.DataValues.GetPrimaryKey <int>(); AgentsDataService.DeleteAgent(e.DataValues.GetPrimaryKey<int>()); e.Handled = true; } Give it a try it and if you continue receiving the same error, send us your server side code and web page markup so we can see what is happening. You can write us to support@online.softwarefx.com (remove online). Let me know how it goes.
  15. Filtering my Forms

    For the time being we don
  16. Filtering my Forms

    Thank you for your interest in Grid FX. I would like to invite you to visit our Online Demo Web Site (http://demo.softwarefx.com/gridfx/) and try a specific sample showing how Grid FX works with a custom interactive filter. Select Custom Filter from the Choose Sample DropDownList and take a look. Let me know if this helps. I can send you the grid markup and code behind, we used to render this grid. Regarding having an empty row or area where users can drag and drop columns headers to filter the grid, this is a new feature that we will be working on, to be available in the near future.
  17. Group Title

    I have confirmed this issue to be a bug in the current Hotfix. It was submitted to our development team and it has been addressed already. We are building a new hotfix installer now and as soon as we deploy it; I will let you know to download the latest one. Note: Before applying the Hotfix, you will have to delete all dll files located at the Grid FX installation folder\bin in order to copy the good ones. (By default Grid FX is installed at: C:\Program Files\Grid FX\bin)
  18. Group Title

    You'll receive a personalized message with instructions to download it. If you haven
  19. Group Title

    This code sample overwrites default Group titles with a customized one. To use this code you are going to need the latest Hotfix. Let me know if this helps. ************ protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { //Let's create a group using brokereage_id Datafield DataField RootDataField = (DataField)Grid1.DataFields["brokerage_id"]; Grid1.Grouping.RootLevel.Field = RootDataField; Grid1.Grouping.Enabled = true; } *************** protected void Grid1_Rendering(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (Grid1.Groups.Count > 0) { //For each group item let's display a custom title plus the group item index and the group item count foreach (GridItemGroup group in Grid1.Groups) { group.Title = "Custom Group Title: (" + group.GroupIndex.ToString() + ") (" + group.Items.Count.ToString() + ")"; } } }
  20. Change a GridFX's data source...

    You are getting those errors because your application uses a dynamic Datasource selection; then you have to clear not only Grid fields but columns as well, since they stay in the grid after the first data bound. I definitely believe you can use the last Hotfix to take advantage of the new event (DatasourceSelecting). You
  21. GridFX Updating an item in place

    Thanks for using Grid FX. I was checking your code and I found a few things that you should adjust. First, Items count validation is not necessary. Second, you have to set e.Handled property = True and third, you don't have to re-bind the grid in the updating event; this should be coded in the Grid.Databind event or similar. I would like to check your data binding event and also it would be nice to know why you are saving a DataView in the Session object. It would help me understand your application needs and give you an accustomed advice. Following is you original code with those changes I previously mentioned you. protected void GridNotesAttachments_ItemUpdating(object sender, GridItemUpdatingEventArgs e) { //Grid FX validates Items count > 0. This explicit validation is not required. //if (GridNotesAttachments.Items.Count > 0) //{ if (!e.OldValues["attachment_desc"].ToString().Equals(e.NewValues["attachment_desc"].ToString())) { EntNoteAttachment attachment = new EntNoteAttachment(); attachment.NoteId = (int)e.OldValues["note_id"]; attachment.AttachmentId = (int?)e.Keys["attachment_id"]; attachment.Description = e.NewValues["attachment_desc"].ToString(); attachment.FileName = e.OldValues["attachment_name"].ToString(); attachment.FilePath = e.OldValues["attachment_loc"].ToString(); DataView dvAttachments = new DataView(); dvAttachments = (DataView)Session["attachments_collection"]; dvAttachments.Sort = "attachment_id"; int rowIndex = 0; rowIndex = dvAttachments.Find(attachment.AttachmentId); try { dvAttachments.Delete(rowIndex); DataRowView newRow = dvAttachments.AddNew(); newRow["note_id"] = NoteId; newRow["attachment_id"] = attachment.AttachmentId; newRow["attachment_desc"] = attachment.Description; newRow["attachment_name"] = attachment.FileName; newRow["attachment_loc"] = attachment.FilePath; newRow.EndEdit(); //It's not necessary to bind the grid here, you could use Data binding event //GridNotesAttachments.DataSource = dvAttachments; //Session["attachments_collection"] = GridNotesAttachments.DataSource; e.KeepInEditMode = false; } finally { // Set Handled property to true e.Handled = true; } } else { e.ErrorMessage = "No changes made."; } //} } Let me know if this helps. I'll look forward for your answer.
  22. Try a different event, like Grid Rendering: protected void Grid1_Rendering(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { Color RedColor = Color.Red; Color BlueColor = Color.Blue; foreach (GridItem Item in Grid1.Items) { if (Convert.ToDouble(Item.Cells[0].Text) < 5) { Item.Style.BackColor = RedColor; } else { Item.Style.BackColor = BlueColor; } } } finally { } } Let me know if this helps.
  23. Change a GridFX's data source...

    Richard, Grid FX elements are integrated in the Grid at different times. We are finishing a map of events to assist programmers understanding the best place to use Grid FX Events depending on what objects they need to use. For example, DataBound is the preferred event if you want to read data once is in the grid, different to Databinding that is when Grid FX fills Grid data store objects. It is the same when creating Datafields and Columns: they need to be there before the grid tries to populate or use them. Maybe you can send us your aspx markup and code behind so we can analyze it and troubleshoot you further. I
  24. Template column causing problems

    Following is a sample code showing how to render a .Net Textbox inside a Template Column. Note how the class implementing an Itemplate Interface (TemplateColumn) is called from the Grid_Init Event. Also note how we fill every Item Cell Textbox in the Template Column with calculated data from others cells. Remember to use latest Hotfix. Let me know if this helps. protected void Grid1_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) { String HeaderText = "Agent Full Name"; GridFX.WebForms. TemplateColumn tc = new GridFX.WebForms.TemplateColumn(); tc.HeaderTemplate = new ColumnTemplate(HeaderText); tc.ItemTemplate = new ColumnTemplate("");Grid1.Columns.Add(tc); } --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- protected void Grid1_Rendering(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach (GridItem item in Grid1.Items) { TextBox TextBox3 = (TextBox)item.Cells[4].FindControl("TextBox1"); TextBox3.Text = item.Cells[2].Text + " " + item.Cells[3].Text; } } -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- public class ColumnTemplate : ITemplate { private String m_StringText1;public ColumnTemplate(String StringText1) { this.m_StringText1 = StringText1; } #region ITemplate Memberspublic void InstantiateIn(Control container) { TextBox Text1 = new TextBox();Text1.ID = "TextBox1"; Text1.Text = m_StringText1; Text1.ReadOnly = true;Text1.Enabled = false; container.Controls.Add(Text1); } #endregion }
  25. Lookup field generating error

    Hi, sorry about the delay in getting a response. The exception you got could be a limitation in Grid.Databinding event. We add a new event (Grid.DataSourceSelecting) that will be available in the next Service Pack, to be available soon. This new event (DataSourceSelecting) overcomes some limitations we were having in the Grid_Databind event, most of them when connecting the grid programmatically. From now on when you use Grid FX Smart Tag Wizard to choose a datasource to connect the grid you'll see a new option: In Code and once you select it, an Event Handler will be created and a grid property will be set to true: DataSourceInCode. To try this, there is a recent Hotfix that you can download to test. You will receive a personalized message with download instructions. Here is a sample using BrokerageCompany and Agents tables I used to populate a Lookup field dynamically in the Grid.DataSourceSelecting Event. Protected Sub Grid1_DataSourceSelecting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridFX.WebForms.DataSourceSelectingEventArgs) Handles Grid1.DataSourceSelecting 'Let's populate the grid using Agents Datasource Grid1.DataSource = Data_BusinessObject.GetAgents() 'Let's fill a different datasource with Brokerage CompaniesDim BrokersDv As New System.Data.DataView BrokersDv = Data_BusinessObject.GetBrokers() 'Casting the brokerage_id field as the LookupField to be filledDim LookupField As New GridFX.WebForms.LookupField LookupField = Grid1.DataFields( "brokerage_id") 'for every datarow in Brokerage_Company table we add an Item to brokerage_id LookupField 'Brokerage_name will be looked up to replace brokerage_id valueFor Each row As Data.DataRow In BrokersDv.Table.Rows Dim LookupFieldItem As New GridFX.WebForms.LookupItemLookupFieldItem.Text = row.Item("brokerage_name")LookupFieldItem.Value = row.Item("brokerage_id") LookupField.LookupItems.Add(LookupFieldItem) Next End Sub Let me know if this helps.