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  1. is it possible to create these Charts in Charat Fx for Reporting Servcies. if cann't then tell is it possible to create ChartFx asp.net 2005.
  2. i hightlight that Hidden Area in Picture . Prolbem Area in Grid Row 2 Last 2 Columns if you see Califirnia # + EL Value is 315,478. 3's 90% is hid.Also same prolbem is Califirnia # + SED Value is 600.391 but 90% 6 is hidden Chart Picture is Attachedplease replay soon. it's urgent
  3. Data grid boundaries are overlapping with the data. if i set DataGrid Layout Spread then looks not nice in case of if i have only 1 X-Axies cloumn. Chart Screen Short in Attached
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