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    I know I can set the X Axis to a Date Time format like so: AxisX.Labels.Format = AxisFormat.DateTime; But is there a way to make it use a 24 hour clock on the time instead? I tried using AxisX.Labels.CustomFormat But I'm not sure how to format the string I pass into it to get the desired result.
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    Hi! How am i to design a ChartFX that simulate an histogram like example Thanks for your help!!!
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    If you know for sure your clients all use Internet Explorer I would recommend setting the third parameter in the GetHtmlTag call to "ActiveX" The detection process use some extra files that could be different in both servers, note that we use the UserAgent sent by the browser so it is also possible that newer browsers are not being detected (in both servers) as capable of rendering ActiveX controls. Regards, JuanC
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    Please note that when I suggested to try with a virtual folder, I meant manually creating a virtual folder in IIS. You cannot run the installer with parameters but as far as I remember there is a chance to change the target directory in one of the screens. JuanC
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    Hello TestTest, I would like to let you know Chart FX provides a method called "Export" that enables you to save chart files, images and data in a variety of formats. In order to export the chart without the toolbar, please refer to the code below: [C#] Chart1.ToolBar.Visible = false ; Chart1.Export( FileFormat .Png, System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath + "tempsample.png" ); Please note that using this method will automatically generate an image of the chart in the specified folder with the preferred name. After the chart image is created you can simply add it to the Excel spreadsheet. For further information on how to use this method please visit our support site at the link below: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/api#web_htmls/chart_export.htm I hope this helps. Regards,
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    Hello, In order to achieve the behavior you are looking for, you need to pass a VARIANT object as the second parameter of the Export method. Please refer to the code below: [C++] VARIANT v; V_VT(&v) = VT_EMPTY; m_chartPtr->Export(Cfx62::FileFormat_Metafile,v); I hope this helps.
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    Hi, I have added secondary Y-axis to a chart. How do I set Y=0 ,X axis based line same to the axis Y2. Simply I want to keep one X Axis for both Y axis. Thanks Ajith
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    maybe you misunderstood. I have Chart FX7. but Support has expired. so, I can't upgrade and upgrade is expensive.
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    We are using ChartFX 6.2 for Dot Net. Charts are not beiing displayed when we use IE8 browser. It works fine in IE6, IE7, IE9. Is this version of ChartFx is compatible with IE8? Is there any known issues with Chartfx 6.2 for Dot net with IE8? How can we fix this issue? Thanks, Ajay
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    Dear chart fx support team Since some of our users have moved to windows 7, the active chart save option that used to work on XP is broken. In the toolbar (screenshot attached), if you click on the floppy button, nothing happens. Thanks in advance
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    I'm writing from Caracas - Venezuela, i'm working as a IS Consultant in a Petroleum Company. We are receiving the following error when trying to use the ChartFX 6.2 .NET control display within the web browser:Failed to download ChartProtocolError - ProxyAuthenticationRequired(407) We are using the full version of the product. Since 1 month ago, we experienced some "Missing license tag" errors (some clients uses framework 2.0) and we installed Chart FX for .NET 6.2 Service Pack. Problem solved, but now we are experienced the mentioned error. We think that the cause of this is our Proxy Firewall configuration. We need to know what components or dll the software is trying to download, so we can do it manually into the clients pc's. If anyone can respond right away that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
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