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  2. Dee

    CFX61B0-3 Error

    I have verfied the access to the temp folder and the chartfx70 application was created at IIS . Any solution?
  3. Dee

    CFX61B0-3 Error

    I am getting this error CFX61B0-3 while rendering the chart. Any help? Thanks
  4. I have a legend for a chart that has a couple of legend entries of over 36 characters, but it seems the legend max character length is 34... I suspect it is not an actual limit but perhaps constrained by the width of some part of the actual chart or such... Just not sure what needs to change to allow larger legend text.. Any ideas or suggestions?? HTML Markup <ChartFX:Chart ID="Chart1" SkinID="horzbarchart" runat="server" LegendBox-Visible="True"> </ChartFX:Chart> C# MarkUp Chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = reverseSort; Chart1.AllSeries.Stacked = Stacked.Normal; Chart1.DataBind(); I put a xxxxyyyy string below each label that represents the max length. The ones that are to long please shorten NEW LABEL (Shorter) = OLD LABEL Passed GED Test = Passed GED Test [2] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Failed HSE Test = Failed HSE Test [3] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled but Not Complete = Enrolled but Not Complete [4] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Ineligible for HSE or HSD program = Ineligible for HSE or HSD program [5] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Eligible but Not Enrolled = Eligible but Not Enrolled [6] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSD or HSE Attained Elsewhere = HSD or HSE Attained Elsewhere [7] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSE Certificate Awarded = HSE Certificate Awarded [8] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSD Graduate = HSD Graduate [9] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled in HSD-Not Complete = Enrolled in HSD program - Not Complete [10] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled in HSE-Not Complete = Enrolled in HSE preparation program - Not Complete [11] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled in both HSD/HSE -Not Complete = Enrolled in both HSD and HSE programs - Not Complete [12] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSD Program Completed-Not Graduated = HSD Program Completed - Not Graduated [13] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx No information or no status = No information or no status [14] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx
  5. Hi, I am using a trial version of ChartFX for WPF application. I would like to draw a line graph with DateTime as the x-axis. The chart is being created but x-axis showing default DateTime (starts from 01/Jan/2000 00:00). But I am providing DateTime from 06/12/2018 00:00.

    Request you to provide the appropriate solution on the same


  6. Dear IGSFX, Thanks for your suggestion. It run OK now Thank you very much
  7. Unfortunately, we have never seen this error, and our code does not contain the error message you show above, so it's very likely this error is due to a problem with your server or permissions. If you Google "A referral was returned from the server", you will see that this is an issue that some people have had with other executables, and it's usually related with elevation and permissions issues. This problem is not related to Chart FX.
  8. Dear IGSFX, I have just tried run it in command prompt as an administrator with /N parameter. But it still throw this error message. Do you have any more idea? Thanks
  9. This error seems to be returned directly by your operating system. Please check you are executing this as an administrator or equivalent. You can also try running it from the command prompt using the /N parameter, as in ChartFX7WebForms.exe /N. I'm not sure if it will make any difference, but you can try.
  10. Dear support team, I met a problem when install ChartFX7 on windows Server 2008 R2 standard. It throw an error message "A referral was returned from server" after I double click on setup file. Please help me resolve this problem Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I met problem when I virtualized our server. The license of Chart FX7 is lost and it throw an error message like picture below How do I fix it? Could I use the license physical server for virtual server? Thanks a lot!
  12. Dear all, I met a problem when we virtualized a server. The license of chart FX7 is lost and throw an error message Invalid Computer (10040000). How do I fix this problem? Could I using license of physical Server for my virtual server? Thanks
  13. The service pack with the latest build of Chart FX Client Server 6.2, version 6.2.6747.25690 from date 6/22/2018, is available. Please be aware that a valid Studio FX Support subscription is required in order to download the latest service packs. IGSFX
  14. Any news? I need a solution because I'm updating a software
  15. After updating windows 10 1803, Chart Fx Can not be used. Adding Chart Fx to VB6.0 form will turn off VB6.0. If you roll back to the previous update, it will be fine, but you will not be able to update it any longer and you will need a workaround. Please answer!
  16. We have license of ChartFX Client Server 6.2 and use it for two version of our product : 1) C++ MFC-based 32 bit Application 2) C++ MFC based x64 bit application. IDE is MS VS 2015. The 32-bit version of ChartFX control is works fine, but x64 version is crashing with “ShowTips” = true. The 32-bit version of ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll is newer then x64-bit version: 32-bit dll version is 6.2.2229.30687 and x64 dll version is 6.2.1637.1. Where can I find a newer version of x64 bit dll (The same as x86 or newer)?. Steps to reproduce bug: 1) In VisualStudio 2015 create new MFC Application. Select "Dialog based" interfaces in wizard. 2) Into dialog resource insert activex control "Chart Object" and set "ShowTips" property to "TRUE" 3) Set "Solution platform" to "x64" 4) Compile and run application 5) Move mouse over ChartFX control - application immediately crashes. Test project is attached - MFCTestChartFXx64.zip - Compile it and move mouse over ChartFX control. Best regards. MFCTestChartFXx64.zip
  17. This is the same symptom as the topic below. After updating windows 10 1803, Chart Fx Can not be used. Adding Chart Fx to VB6.0 form will turn off VB6.0. If you roll back to the previous update, it will be fine, but you will not be able to update it any longer and you will need a workaround. Please answer!
  18. Guest

    Install Error

    When trying to build and install the application we created with the new version, the following error occurred. (This error has occurred from before Subscriptioin update.) ---- 説明: Stopped working 問題の署名: 問題イベント名: CLR20r3 問題の署名 01: oasisadmin.exe 問題の署名 02: 問題の署名 03: 5b177f8d 問題の署名 04: ChartFX.WinForms 問題の署名 05: 7.0.4259.29043 問題の署名 06: 4e5d514b 問題の署名 07: 1406 問題の署名 08: 600 問題の署名 09: System.ComponentModel.License OS バージョン: 6.1.7601. ロケール ID: 1041 ---- Please pay attention to "7.0.4259.29043". The version I installed is "7.0.4962.20751". Also our application is written in C#. Please tell us how we should solve this problem.
  19. Guest

    Chart FX 6.2 COM crashes in VB6

    Wish I did. I am upgrading a 15 year old program using chartFX Version 5 to Version 6.2 and now I to am getting VB6 IDE crashes. Some plots always work and some always fail. The compiled version crashes exactly the same way. Driving me a little crazy.
  20. I'm using Chartfx com 6.2 within vb6 for years without any problems. After the new functional update for Win 10 (Build 1803) I can't use it anymore in VB6. VB6 crashes at once. The compiled version of any program using the tool works fine. Has anyone an idea?
  21. Where can I find version 6.2.6134 ? In http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_Client_Server_62 I can find the older 6.2.4258.29516 (but in the download page is 6.2.4239.28146)
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