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  2. http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/article/7501020#!7501023 I tried to add it to a ToolBox in Visual Studio 2015 but it does not exist in the .Net Framework Components. What should I do? Currently installed programs are ChartFx7 ADDITIONAL DEVELOPER(Windows Forms only) and ChartFx7 Extensions Pack.
  3. Hi softwarefx Support team, Could you please give me a answer about my inquiry? It is a urgent issue for me and our customer. Best Regards, James
  4. Hi softwarefx Support team, My name is James from Tangunsoft. Our Customer is using ChartFX 7 for JAVA on the Windows server 2012. They have a plan to change the server to Windows server 2016. So they want to know ChartFX 7 for JAVA can be installed on the Windows server 2016. Could you please let me know about it? Best Regards, James
  5. We are seeing the same call stack at a customer site. They're running window 7 64 bit. Is there a fix for this?
  6. Our team was able to correct this problem by not setting the extent of the AxisSystem to Infinity. Apparently this causes the chart to display with a red X and then crash with the same error.
  7. Trying to move from ChartFX 3.x to 6.2 on a new Windows 2019 server. We knew it wasn't going to be just a simple drop-in replacement but we are having trouble just even getting started. I'm seeing this error when trying to create a rather simple chart: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01ad' ActiveX component can't create object /Graphs/fraGraph.asp, line 55 Any idea what would cause this? We can't run the included example graph test. Edit: Should also point out we installed this on a brand new Windows Server 2019. Is 6.2 compatible or should we go to version 7? Thanks 1st///ave
  8. Dee

    CFX61B0-3 Error

    I have verfied the access to the temp folder and the chartfx70 application was created at IIS . Any solution?
  9. Dee

    CFX61B0-3 Error

    I am getting this error CFX61B0-3 while rendering the chart. Any help? Thanks
  10. I have a legend for a chart that has a couple of legend entries of over 36 characters, but it seems the legend max character length is 34... I suspect it is not an actual limit but perhaps constrained by the width of some part of the actual chart or such... Just not sure what needs to change to allow larger legend text.. Any ideas or suggestions?? HTML Markup <ChartFX:Chart ID="Chart1" SkinID="horzbarchart" runat="server" LegendBox-Visible="True"> </ChartFX:Chart> C# MarkUp Chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = reverseSort; Chart1.AllSeries.Stacked = Stacked.Normal; Chart1.DataBind(); I put a xxxxyyyy string below each label that represents the max length. The ones that are to long please shorten NEW LABEL (Shorter) = OLD LABEL Passed GED Test = Passed GED Test [2] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Failed HSE Test = Failed HSE Test [3] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled but Not Complete = Enrolled but Not Complete [4] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Ineligible for HSE or HSD program = Ineligible for HSE or HSD program [5] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Eligible but Not Enrolled = Eligible but Not Enrolled [6] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSD or HSE Attained Elsewhere = HSD or HSE Attained Elsewhere [7] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSE Certificate Awarded = HSE Certificate Awarded [8] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSD Graduate = HSD Graduate [9] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled in HSD-Not Complete = Enrolled in HSD program - Not Complete [10] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled in HSE-Not Complete = Enrolled in HSE preparation program - Not Complete [11] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx Enrolled in both HSD/HSE -Not Complete = Enrolled in both HSD and HSE programs - Not Complete [12] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx HSD Program Completed-Not Graduated = HSD Program Completed - Not Graduated [13] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx No information or no status = No information or no status [14] xxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxxxxyyyyxx
  11. Hi, I am using a trial version of ChartFX for WPF application. I would like to draw a line graph with DateTime as the x-axis. The chart is being created but x-axis showing default DateTime (starts from 01/Jan/2000 00:00). But I am providing DateTime from 06/12/2018 00:00.

    Request you to provide the appropriate solution on the same


  12. Dear IGSFX, Thanks for your suggestion. It run OK now Thank you very much
  13. Unfortunately, we have never seen this error, and our code does not contain the error message you show above, so it's very likely this error is due to a problem with your server or permissions. If you Google "A referral was returned from the server", you will see that this is an issue that some people have had with other executables, and it's usually related with elevation and permissions issues. This problem is not related to Chart FX.
  14. Dear IGSFX, I have just tried run it in command prompt as an administrator with /N parameter. But it still throw this error message. Do you have any more idea? Thanks
  15. This error seems to be returned directly by your operating system. Please check you are executing this as an administrator or equivalent. You can also try running it from the command prompt using the /N parameter, as in ChartFX7WebForms.exe /N. I'm not sure if it will make any difference, but you can try.
  16. Dear support team, I met a problem when install ChartFX7 on windows Server 2008 R2 standard. It throw an error message "A referral was returned from server" after I double click on setup file. Please help me resolve this problem Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I met problem when I virtualized our server. The license of Chart FX7 is lost and it throw an error message like picture below How do I fix it? Could I use the license physical server for virtual server? Thanks a lot!
  18. Dear all, I met a problem when we virtualized a server. The license of chart FX7 is lost and throw an error message Invalid Computer (10040000). How do I fix this problem? Could I using license of physical Server for my virtual server? Thanks
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