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  2. Hi all, can any one help me how to display points value in vertical display
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  4. Hi all, Can one help me how to fix the following below issue The invocation of the constructor on type 'ChartFx.WPF.Chart' that matches the specified constraints threw an exception
  5. Can any one help me to the following exception error :The invocation of the constructor on type 'ChartFx.WPF.Chart' that matches the specified constraints threw an exception
  6. can any one help me to fix the below issue

     The invocation of the constructor on type 'ChartFX.WPF.Chart' that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception.

  7. ChartFX 7 Language c# I have a pie chart that is bound to a datatable. Below is the data Admin. Sep. w/ Reinstatement (ASWR) 2 AWOL Separation 6802 Death Separation 15 Disciplinary Separation 11444 Fraudulent Enrollment 24 Medical Sep. w/ Reinstatement (MSWR) 2690 Medical Separation (regular) 124 MSWR Final Close (MSFC) 711 Ordinary Separation 21108 Resignation 1565 Unauthorized Absence Separation 3 Withdrawal of Parental Consent 368 In attachment 1 chartfx1 - you can see the label for Unauthorized Absence Separation does not have a label. In attachment 2 chart2 - you can see that if I mouse over you can see the tooltip shows the data is present. I need to force all series labels to be visible. Any suggestions? Here is the code for the chart: protected void LoadChart() { DataTable ldt = idt.Copy(); if (ldt.Rows.Count > 0) { ChartArea.Visible = true; norecords.Visible = false; } else { ChartArea.Visible = false; norecords.Visible = true; return; } // if table has label, value, value use this Chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Visible = true; Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Clear(); Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("sep_types", FieldUsage.Label)); Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("total", FieldUsage.Value)); Chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = ldt.DefaultView; Chart1.Width = 750; // do this to make mapping work Link chartLink = Chart1.AllSeries.Link; chartLink.Url = "region.aspx"; MemoryStream objStream = new MemoryStream(); Chart1.Export(FileFormat.Jpeg, objStream); Chart1.DataBind(); Byte[] blob = objStream.ToArray(); objStream.Close(); JagSession.eis_chart = blob; }
  8. Hello Steven, i want to built guages in wpf Application,is there any way to built guages in Wpf Application

  9. Hi all, is there any way to built guages on wpf 

  10. Hi All, Is there any way to built Wpf guages in chart fx

  11. is any one help to display  chart in metro style,it would be great if sample provide.

  12. Hello, the support website contains the latest released service pack. However, this fix was included in a special hotfix we created last week. In order to get this hotfix, please contact tech support at using a current support subscription. If your subscription is expired, you can renew it by contacting sales at softwarefx dot com. IG SFX
  13. Thank you Juan, is there a link we can access to view the release notes for that build? Also, the latest builds we can see appear to be version 7.0.4962 on the Software FX website; but having said that, it looks like our subscription has expired so could that be the reason?
  14. Yes, I was referring to the latest ChartFX 7 build. Any build marked 7.0.6305 or later should include the fix. Regards, JuanC
  15. Thank you for the update Juan, that is very good news indeed! Just to confirm, when you say the latest build, are you referring to the latest Chart FX 7 build? In any case I will download the latest build of Chart FX 7 and give it a go. Thanks again.
  16. We were failing to dispose a child control, this has been fixed on our latest build, note that this control AFAIK would still be properly disposed in the next GC but clearly if you run multiple Reset calls in a tight loop it might cause some problems. Regards, JuanC
  17. Yes, that is correct. In this 'rendering loop' we recycle our control for performance reasons before rendering the next item on the list. So we need to reset the chart to the original state before continuing. In our 'loop' we call a Render method - and I have wrapped this call with a call to GetGuiResources through pinvoke. like so: Debug.WriteLine(string.Format("User Handle count before Render: {0}", GetUserObjectCount().ToString())); renderer.Render(this, control, this.resultStream); Debug.WriteLine(string.Format("User Handle count after Render: {0}", GetUserObjectCount().ToString())); where GetUserObjectCount is defined as such: private int GetUserObjectCount() { return Convert.ToInt32(GetGuiResources(Process.GetCurrentProcess().Handle, GR_USEROBJECTS)); } private const uint GR_USEROBJECTS = 1; [DllImport("User32.dll")] static extern uint GetGuiResources(IntPtr hProcess, uint uiFlags); Here I can clearly see that the delta between before and after is 1 (increasing). Stepping through the 'Render' code reveal the increase in count specifically when calling: m_chart.Reset(); where m_chart is a WinForms.Chart object, and I can verify this further by wrapping this line with the same call to GetGuiResources. In fact, if I specifically remove the call to reset the chart above, then the leak disappears. However doing so affects our performance so we need to have the reset there.
  18. Please note that Chart.Reset is meant to be used if you have a "dirty" chart that you need to reset to its original state, e.g. a chart with data and several settings that you need to reset back. You mentioned you are doing this as part of the initialization process so I wonder why you are using Reset. The code for reset reinitializes the chart using our serialization process but does not show an obvious leak, can you clarify how are you detecting this leak? Regards, JuanC
  19. We have a form which hosts the Winforms.Chart control, and as part of its initialization process, we call Chart.Reset(). This call appears to leak a user handle object. This problem has become much more of an issue recently as we have a client with a process which renders n instances of the chart as part of a collection in a loop. As such the leak is much more noticeable, and the more instances to render, you would eventually get to a point where these resources have been exhausted and the only way to get past the issue is to restart the application. Has anyone seen this issue and/or know of it or have any suggestions? Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated and thank you in advance. Note: we are using ChartFx.WinForms version 7.0.3306.26568.
  20. can any one suggest me,how to print chart file in wpf application

  21. We haven't tested Chart FX for Java 6.2 or Chart FX for Java 6.5 with Java version 8. It might work, but it has not been tested. We will recommend you to upgrade to Chart FX for Java 8.
  22. Hi. Is it possible to use ChartFX 6.2 with Java8? Regards
  23. Please read the following kb article about the JSF tag library documentation in Chart FX for Java 6.5
  24. We need more information to reproduce this issue. What version of Chart FX are you currently using? Is this a Web Forms or Win forms app? Having a repro-case is the most effective and fastest way to identify the cause of an issue . If you need to report an unexpected behavior, please include a small sample application or snippet and make sure it fulfills the following conditions: - The code must be narrowed down to the simplest reproducible test case. - External references and code not related to Chart FX must be removed. - It has to include only the lines reproducing the issue. Other code not related to the problem must be removed. - The sample must compile. This means we should be able to run the sample without getting any errors.
  25. Please contact our sales department (sales at to get more inputs about expired subscriptions.
  26. We have the same problem on our build machines. The subscription expiration notice stops our automatic nightly build. It has already started 60 days before the subscription expires. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Do we really need to use a tool, clicking the Close-button automatically every time when the message appers?
  27. Hi, I am facing same issue when I minimize my screen. Pie chart is working fine when my screen is in maximize mode . All the parameters are clickable. But , when I minimize my screen and view my parameters in bottom like I have shown in attachments, it gives out of memory exception. Do you get any fix for the issue you have reported? Thanks
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